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Jamie Patrick

My name is Jamie Patrick. My passion is water. Throughout my life water has given me many things, most of all happiness. I began swimming at the age of seven and have not stopped since. Swimming has brought me around the world to places I would never have dreamed of. From Tahiti to South America, from Hawaii to Europe, and many places in between. Swimming is my passion and has made me the person I am today. ​​​

I feel very blessed to be married to an amazing woman who supports me in everything that I do. She may think I'm a little crazy at times, but her support has never wavered. We've been married since 2002, and we have a six year old daughter named Hadley Grace who is the light of both of our lives. She too is already showing a love for the water, and I look forward to sharing this incredible journey with the two of them.​​​

My work life is at Patrick & Co., which was established in 1873 by my great-grandfather, and is the oldest office supply company in San Francisco. I am the Sales Manager and work closely with my father on a daily basis to continually grow our business, staying at the forefront of new technology and business practices, enhancing our client's successes in the process.  In addition to our office supply business, we also own and manage five commercial properties in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am an endurance athlete and adventure swimmer.  I have completed 15 Ironman triathlons, 2 Ultraman World Championships, a triple Ironman and hundreds of other events.  I have completed both a single crossing wetsuit swim across Lake Tahoe, and a double crossing wetsuit swim.  In the summer of 2011, I swam 111 miles swim down the Sacramento River - this swim was current assisted and wetsuit aided. This amazing adventure was 31 hours of non-stop swimming.  My most recent swim was in April of 2012, along with four other marathon swimmer, together we swam from Spain to Africa across the strait of Gibraltar.

I am about the adventure in everything.  From riding my bike through the night "just because", to swimming upstream in the creek behind my house during a rain storm,  to walking home from work 17 miles, to doing two marathons back to back for the fun of it.  I have sailed all over the world.   I have done 12 hour pool swims, swam in 12 different pools in 12 days just for the fun of it.  I have taken a train with my bike 200 miles down the California coast and turned around and rode back.  I have run 78 miles on a one mile loop.  I have swam with whales, sharks, and dolphins in the wild.  My first Ironman I did without training, just to see if I could do it.  I love adventure.

I love to follow others on THEIR individual quests to better themselves. From marathon swimmers to the person who is training for their first triathlon to the person who climbs the tallest mountains and most of all the people who do things differently.

Husband, Father & Endurance Athlete

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