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The Tahoe 360 - The Sequel

In September of 2013 I will return to Lake Tahoe to finish a something that I started. Last year I attempted to swim the entire perimeter of Lake Tahoe - 68 miles.  Due to weather I had to abort this swim.  I have spent the past few months dreaming of going back and finishing.  Next summer I will embark upon my most exciting Adventure Swim yet - The Tahoe 360 - The Sequel. I will be joined by my crew of 12, and we will stay no more than 75 meters off the shoreline of the lake. I want to hug the perimeter of the lake as closely as I can, to stay as safe as possible. I will not exit the water or hold onto any boat for the entire duration. This will be my longest swim by roughly 18 miles, and the 40-45 hours in the water will far exceed my previous swims. We will go into darkness twice, and without stopping to sleep, I will go to the edge both mentally and physically.

I have no aspirations to be the first or the fastest.  I do it to continue my quest to go beyond what I have done before, and to achieve my greatest ultra adventure swim to date. 

Stay tuned for more information..

68 Miles

“Without a wetsuit, the 68-mile solo swim would undoubtedly be among, if not, the most difficult swims ever attempted in history. It would be that difficult due to the sheer distance combined with the cold-water temperatures, cool breezes and high altitude. For a human swimming in the horizontal position for approximately 35-40 hours, there can be no greater physiological or psychological stress.”

However, wearing a wetsuit will not make the Tahoe 360 easy by any stretch of the imagination. As Munatones explains, “With a wetsuit, it is still a significant challenge that requires decades of preparation. When I first met Jamie, I told him that his ultra-marathon swims would take him years to accomplish. Sure enough, every year he became stronger, physically and mentally. He is now prepared to take on the Tahoe 360.

Steven Munatones

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